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The girls interview Whitney Schiller, an amazing tattoo artist, leather craftsman, adventurer, and overall badass. Tune in to hear about her experiences as a tattoo artist, how she got into custom leather work, and what inspired her to become an artist. Be sure to check out our instagram and facebook for pictures of her work!

This week Randy, Rachael, Jen, and Lexi recount some of their silliest travel stories. From adventures in Alaska to police investigations in Oregon these girls have seen it all. So get in, buckle up, and ride along with the Girls Behind the Wheel as they dish their best travel moments.



Tune in to hear Rachael and Jen interview Alaska Pap, Rachael's dad and the girls' Alaskan guide! This interview includes the inside scoop on an Alaskan bucket list trip, where to eat, activities, wildlife warnings and more. Be sure to follow our instagram @Girlsbehindthewheel to see some amazing alaskan adventures the girls have taken. Hope you enjoy the ride.