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The girls interview Whitney Schiller, an amazing tattoo artist, leather craftsman, adventurer, and overall badass. Tune in to hear about her experiences as a tattoo artist, how she got into custom leather work, and what inspired her to become an artist. Be sure to check out our instagram and facebook for pictures of her work!

This week Randy, Rachael, Jen, and Lexi recount some of their silliest travel stories. From adventures in Alaska to police investigations in Oregon these girls have seen it all. So get in, buckle up, and ride along with the Girls Behind the Wheel as they dish their best travel moments.



Tune in to hear Rachael and Jen interview Alaska Pap, Rachael's dad and the girls' Alaskan guide! This interview includes the inside scoop on an Alaskan bucket list trip, where to eat, activities, wildlife warnings and more. Be sure to follow our instagram @Girlsbehindthewheel to see some amazing alaskan adventures the girls have taken. Hope you enjoy the ride.




“All aboard!” That is just one of the sounds you will hear when you visit the Texas Railroad Museum in Palestine, Texas.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving we took our little guy, Logan, to jump on “The Polar Express ‘. During the Christmas Holidays the museum creates a magical setting where you and your family can head to the North Pole on a vintage train that they call “The Polar Express”. 

We were able to get a 1923 era railcar that had been remodeled with comfortable sofas and beautifully decorated garland adorning the walls. As an extra bonus in our train car, the garland was decorated with blue ribbons and lights which just so happens to be Logan’s favorite color. As all the kiddos, both big and small, loaded on the train, we noticed that pajamas and nightgowns were the most popular attire. Thankfully, we had done our research and wore our nighttime best. Dustin, my oldest son, and Logan took it a step further and had matching robes like Chris, the main character in “The Polar Express” book. 

Once we were all settled in, it did not take long for the conductor to come by and check our tickets. At our seats were goodie bags made of shiny silver with the words “The bell still rings for me”. Inside the bags were train mugs for each one of us. It wasn’t long after the tickets had been checked that you could hear the hissing of steam and the squealing of the train’s wheels as the train starting to roll on the track and our journey began. It was exciting to hear the train horn and look outside at the lights and village as we passed by. 

Once we were full steam ahead, the staff began to sing Christmas Carols and dance. While singing and dancing, they delivered hot chocolate and fresh chocolate chip cookies, just like the characters in the movie. It was fun to watch them really having fun and enjoying themselves as they entertained us. The ride to the “North Pole” took a little bit, so we enjoyed our snacks, watched out the windows and played with Logan’s trains. He was able to open “The Polar Express” book his mom had bought so that Santa could autograph it once we arrived at Santa’s Village. Looking out the windows of the train, you could see Santa sitting outside the village waving at us while his Elves danced around the Christmas tree. Before the train prepared to take us back to the station, Santa came board the train to meet us. He visited with each of us and signed Logans book. He also gave each of us a Jingle Bell like the one in the book. We all heard the bell ring and…We Believe!!!! 

If you have a chance to check out the Polar Express in Palestine, TX, we can highly recommend it. They also have other train adventures all throughout the year, so get on board!