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Alaska In A Flash!

If Alaska isn't already on your bucket list grab a pen! Alaska is a mecca for hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, and just going completely off the grid. Christopher McCandless once said, "The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure". His ultimate goal was to find the greatest adventure living off the land in the most majestic mysterious state of them all! To even scratch the surface, I would recommend you spending at least a month. However, I have summed up a few not to miss activities you can achieve in seven day!

If you're flying into Anchorage, there are some spots and activities you DON'T want to miss! First stop on my list when I travel anywhere is to find a great cup of coffee. If you are a coffee drinker this is the state for you! You can find "Coffee Carts" on almost any corner and some of them are open 24hrs. Swing by Common Grounds for some of the BEST coffee! I recommend ordering the Pistachio White Mocha hot.

After you grab your caffeine you will definitely be ready for a hike!! If you are looking for a half day, medium to difficult hike, Flattop Mountain is a perfect local hike with Instagram worthy views! For those of you wanting a shorter much less strenuous "hike" I would recommend Thunderbird Falls. This is more of a nature walk allowing you to explore the top and the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. Both hikes are pet friendly! On your way back from Thunderbird Falls make sure your grab lunch and stop by Peter's Creek (as they are about 10-15 miles away from each other). Peter’s Creek, you can actually view from the Highway. You can explore the park trails available from the starting point, or you can walk a few yards and eat right next to the creek.

Where to eat!? I have narrowed down a few of my favorite local spots so you can maximize time. The Peanut Farm gives you a taste of local cuisine with a view! Order the fried Halibut and hit the patio (in warmer months) because it sits perfectly overlooking Campbell creek. If you are feeling really adventurous you can rent a Kayak and paddle down to the restaurant. For rentals call only the biggest and baddest REI. Another local stop not to be missed is Guido's. This "hole in the wall" serves mainly pizza, but all the locals stop in for his famous Super Sub. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

All the activities listed above will only eat up about three to four days of your trip! When planned right you will still have time to hit Eklutna lake, bike the Coastal Trail, and gather some souvenirs downtown! Don't forget to stop, breathe and take in all of God's country!

Adventure Awaits!


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