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Jen is the CFO of Painthouse and the main momma/driver of GBTW. She has been married to her partner in crime for over 26 years. Jen never meets a stranger and she is always the life of the party - without even knowing it! She has a heart for all people and a niche for helping others achieve their ambitions. Jen is like a squirrel inside a glitter ball, bouncing all over the place, fixing her eyes on life’s sparkle! Jen is a mom to three amazing adults and an even more amazing mother in love to her three “bonus” kids. Her boldness and drive has started this crazy adventure we like to think of as a ‘Broad-Cast’!

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Lexi is your go-to girl! There is nothing this girl can not or does not do well. She attends UCSD and lives in El Cajon, California with her husband, Christian, Jen's youngest. She is an amazing fur momma to Bear, her 4-legged adventure buddy, Australian-Shepard mix pup. Lexi has a passion for the medical field and heart for veterans and, as a result, is taking a full-load of classes studying Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. Not only is she a Brainiac, Lexi is also the president of her volleyball club, a coach for elementary school students and - as if she didn’t have enough to do - she begins her EMT classes in the fall. In addition to her passion for helping our Vets, all things outdoors feeds her soul and she is never afraid to take a wild adventure! Lexi’s drive and can-do attitude has helped her overcome the kind of adversity that movies are made from. The set-backs and devastation that life has thrown at her have only intensified her drive and zest for life. Strap in and get ready to hear about her adventures, life stories, DIY tips and so much more!

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Randy Nicole is Jen's daughter, a powerhouse entrepreneur and mom. She is a boss babe at not one, but two thriving businesses where she both a sod and landscape companies. When not building an empire around her, slamming a volleyball on the court is where she goes to de-stress. Randy is mother to one of the most awesome three year olds on this planet and a wife to her husband, Andrew. She readily admits that podcasting is taking her out of her comfort zone, however, Randy is always up for a challenge and will soon be slamming out these Broad-Casts as well!

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Rachael is the wife to Jen's oldest son and fur-baby momma to two awesome weenie dogs. She graduated top of her class from Texas A&M (whoop!) with a Bachelor of Science Degree, as well as a Special and General Education Certification. Her friends and family are her biggest cheerleaders in life and she adores them more than anything. She has a heart for teaching children with autism and working with their parents. Anything outdoors feeds her soul as well, not forgetting her passion for all things food and travel. Jesus, coffee and tacos can get her through any tough day! She is excited to be a part of this adventure called ‘Girls Behind the Wheel” and can’t wait to see where this takes all of us!

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